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Split Airport was opened for traffic on 25th November 1966. Situated in the centre of Middle Dalmatian region, it meets coastal and islands air traffic requirements, from Makarska to Sibenik, and from isles of Brac, Hvar, Korcula to other islands. Traffic connection of Dalmatia with different domestic and foreign destinations is of great importance not only for domestic and business passengers, but also for nearing of our tourist capacities to Europe and to the world. Due to needs of increased traffic, the apron area of 200 x 112 m, with 6 aircraft stands, was enlarged to 300 x 112 m area, with 4 additional stands, already in the year 1967.


Planned number of 150 000 passengers per year was exceeded as early as in the year 1968. Increase of interest of tourists, of tourist arrangement sales, and thereupon the increase of Split Airport traffic, continued over the following years, to culminate in the year 1987, with total of 1 151 580 passengers and 7 873 aircrafts.


After the year 1988, a decrease of traffic was caused by political crisis instigated with former SFRY republics aspirations for independence. In September 1991, Split Airport was closed for all traffic due to the war.


The reopening occurred at the beginning of April, 1992. Civil passenger and aircraft traffic was minimal, but military aircraft, passenger and cargo traffic was constantly increasing. Thousands of tons of humanitarian aid and military equipment, thousands of soldiers participating in peace missions were transported. From the year 1992 to the year 1995, a total of 37 423 aircrafts landed and took-off to and from Split Airport.


In the following years, military aircraft traffic was on the decrease, not accompanied by any significant increase in civil aircraft traffic. Total number of aircrafts declined, and passenger traffic was stagnating at about 500 000 passengers per year.


The Republic of Croatia renovates hotels and accompanying infrastructure, safety status is unquestionable, and Croatian tourism is, slowly but surely, coming back to European market, what is directly connected with increase of air traffic. Split Airport records the growth of number of passengers starting from the year 2000, arrives to the millionth passenger in the year 2006, exceeds 1 200 000 passengers in the year 2008, and the growth continues.


We take care about the needs of all our users, from airlines, tourist and travel agencies, to the most important ones, the passengers. We make efforts to meet world standards of high quality services in the field of our activity, we renew and purchase reliable modern equipment for aircraft and passenger handling, we practise regular personnel training in accordance with international air traffic regulations and air carriers needs, and we enlarge facilities. In the year 2004, the passenger terminal is enlarged, and in the year 2009, works on enlargement of apron are started.


We wish sincere welcome to our airport to passengers, air carriers, suppliers, business partners.

See you soon.


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