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in the summer season, every Saturday and Sunday


We hereby inform you that because of restricted apron capacity and high traffic intensity, Split Airport, SPU (LDSP), becomes Schedules Facilitated Airport in summer season, until 26th October 2012, every Saturday and Sunday, from 00.01 am to 24.00 pm.

Accordingly, all air carriers operating to or from Split Airport (SPU) must submit requests for clearance of proposed schedules in advance, to SPU Schedules Facilitator in charge. Submissions should be made using SMA (Schedule Movement Advice), by SITA, e-mail or fax message.

General and Business Aviation must request and receive the confirmation of landing and parking from Ground Operations Centre at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact details are shown below:

Split Airport

Traffic Coordinator

Tel: (+385 21) 203503

Fax: (+385 21) 203413


E-mail: schedules@split-airport.hr

Split Airport

Ground OPS Centre

Tel: (+385 21) 203353

Fax: (+385 21) 203413


E-mail: ground.ops@split-airport.hr


Practical emergency exercise named «Joint Response – 2012» was held at Split Airport on 20th March 2012, from 08.00h – 11.30h.

In accordance with international and domestic standards, the training of this extent is held every two years, and makes constituent part of airport preparations for tourist season.



Participants in the exercise were employees of Split Airport, Air Traffic Control and other integral services, officers of Resnik Police Station, Divulje Air Base squadron, Kastela and Trogir Voluntary Fire Department forces, National Protection and Rescue Directorate – Split Regional Office, State Intervention Unit, Croatian Red Cross – Red Cross Kastela, and Split-Dalmatia County Institute of Emergency Medicine.


The exercise showed emergency event – “Aircraft Accident at the Airport”. According to the scenario, extremely bad weather conditions caused the fall of commercial aircraft. The aircraft split into more parts, there was fuel leakage, the fire broke out, and passengers were injured. Immediately upon alert, Split Airport Fire Brigade came to the spot and started fire fighting and rescuing. The operational command that managed all emergency site activities was established. As soon as appropriate conditions were provided, pulling out and treatment of injured persons were started. Assembly centres were formed. Incoming external forces were activated as needed.


All participants showed high level of readiness in the event of airport emergency. Everyone was acting in accordance with proscribed Emergency Plan procedures, coordination with external forces and institutions was functioning very well, organisation and implementation of exercise was exemplary. Therefore, the exercise can be evaluated as entirely successful.


At Split Airport a snow accompanied with wind started falling after midnight, about 01.00h.
Practical emergency training named «Joint Response – 2012» will be held at Split Airport on 20th March 2012.

We have welcomed this year millionth passenger at Split Airport, today.


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