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Today, the employees of Split Airport celebrate of their patron St. Bartholomew.


Inside the Airport area there is a small medieval church of St. Bartholomew which is open for visitors only once a year, on this day. Within the celebration, a holy mess will be held in front of the church. Besides employees and guests of Split Airport, we expect a larger number of believers from surrounding parishes.


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Rules of conduct at Split Airport can be seen here.




Dear Passengers and Users of Split Airport Services,


Works on construction of the new Passenger Terminal are underway. With its finishing in the year 2019, the enlargement of the existing capacities will be ensured. This year, to enable unobstructed arrival and departure of passengers to and from the Airport during peak summer months, and taking into consideration the significant growth of traffic, we have made a new Traffic and Technological Solution for the space in front of the existing Passenger Terminal. In the next five months, we expect the traffic of over 2.500.000 passengers. Therefore, we had to provide the New Traffic Rules to ensure that traffic flows of the arrival and departure of vehicles are undisturbed. During peak months, we expect 20.000 to 30.000 passengers per day, and, for that reason, the former Commercial Parking Lot is no longer foreseen for long-term parking of vehicles. With the new Traffic and Technological Solution, the stay in the whole area is limited as follows:


Vehicle  Stay  Capacity

 Unit Flow

per 1 Hour

 Zonae / Colour
 Bus / Minibus  60 min  30 pozicija  30 Yellow
 Van (1+8)  30 min  76 pozicija 152  Blue
Personal Car  5 min / with driver  40 pozicija  560  Red


Besides above, we have already provided Free Parking for personal cars at our new Parking Lot, south of the State Road D-409, with total capacity of 900 personal car places.
We kindly ask personal car drives who need to park their vehicles for any reason whatsoever to use the new Free Parking Lot. The Pedestrian Zone leading to traffic lights crossroad, and further to the Passenger Terminal is provided.


Thank you for understanding!

Split Airport


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