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Today, Split Airport employees celebrate Airport Day and its patron St. Bartholomew Day.

The program started with an early morning gathering of invited guests and believers and continued with the Holy Mass in front of the small St. Bartholomew church.

The small stone church of St. Bartholomew is open to the public only one day a year. The church is situated on the hill inside the Airport area, which is a unique case not only in Croatia but also in the world.






The Test Center near the Passenger Terminal of Split Airport, where passengers could be tested on SARS-CoV-2, is closing due to the end of the pandemic.


The test center will cease to operate on May 15, 2023.





The Test Center near the Passenger Terminal of Split Airport will cease operations on February 4th, 2023.




Today, a demonstration emergency training named "SPU Reunion 2023" was held at Split Airport.

The training is an integral part of the airport's preparations for the upcoming tourist season. In accordance with domestic and international standards, the training of this extent is held every two years.




Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. have announced the works on reconstruction of State Road DC 409, east side approach to the Airport (section Bilinski put - Split Airport). The works start on 16th January 2023.


As the stated section will be completely or partially closed during the works, we inform all passengers and users of the Airport from the direction of Split to plan their coming by alternative route (Plano - Split Airport).


All passengers are recommended to calculate the additional time required for timely arrival on their flights.


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